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Attagirl Spray Tan started in 2009 and is a home run  business based in Northwold, which is near The Northgate Dome, Northgate. Perfect for all the ladies living in and around the surrounding area's of Randburg, Sandton, Cresta, Fourways etc


Ladies Spray Tan

Northwold - Randburg

Gauteng (Johannesburg)

Attagirl Spray tan started in 2009,  is situated in Northwold and is a home based service





And for those a little nervous about spray tanning - we understand!

And for that reason, we offer a free test patch on your body , for example spray a patch on  your inner thigh or tummy area a few days before your event so that you can see the results before having a full body tan.





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FANTASTIC  feedback from

Stacey Holland

"Had a shoot to prepare for last week and my skin was looking waaay too pasty! Needed a glow desperately! So I went to Attagirl Spray Tan. FABULOUS! Wendy, the owner is so lovely. The products she uses are alcohol and fragrance free. And she follows up to make sure you're happy with your tan!

PAY HER A VISIT! Why wait for summer to have beautifully bronzed skin?! "


Thank you for your kind words, Stacey!



The product we use is Aviva Labs imported from the US

Aviva Labs is fragrance free, oil free, alcohol free, and quick drying, resulting in a perfect natural looking tan


A gorgeous natural looking, safe, fragrance free tan is achieved  within 10 minutes.

And the best news is only ONE session required!

Tan lasts between 5 and 10 days!






Not everyone skin is the same, therefore Aviva Labs have created different shades for different skin tones.

From fair and freckled, medium tone, to very dark tones, we have the correct shade for you

Aviva Labs  is imported from the US.

Aviva Labs is hypoallergenic, water based, oil free, fragrance free, will not rub off on linen, dries within seconds.


Aviva Inspires™ Original Sunless Tanning Solution

Available in 8% DHA, 10% DHA, 12% DHA, 14% DHA,

Original 8 150x150 Original Sunless SolutionOriginal 12 150x150 Original Sunless SolutionOriginal 14 150x150 Original Sunless Solution

For clients with cool to neutral skin tones.


Gimme Brown!™


Available in 8% DHA, 10% DHA, 12% DHA, 14% DHA, AND 16% DHA

For clients with warmer skin tones.



Hundreds of South Africans are turning to the use of spray tanning to ensure they maintain their healthy tanned look regardless of the season. Until recently, sunbeds were the most popular form of achieving an all over tan, however, recent studies have shown that the overuse of sunbeds can pose as many health risks to the skin as sitting in the sun all day does. Hence the increasing popularity of spray tanning.


Benefits of spray tanning:-

You can literally get an all over tan if you want . This type of tan is virtually impossible to get by lying in the sun - unless you're sunbathing nude - and then there is the worry of turning red before turning brown.

- Spray tanning is a great way to getting a tan regardless of where you live and what time of the year it is. If you live somewhere that doesn't see a lot of sunbathing weather it doesn't matter - you can still get a perfect sun-kissed tan simply by spraying it on. The same goes for the winter months when the sunshine isn't strong enough to cause natural tanning, or if you work indoors throughout the day and rarely get to bask in the sunshine.

- The different colour solutions offered means you can literally pick what shade of brown you want your skin to be.

- The results from spray tanning are much better than applying creams and lotions by hand, plus the application process is a lot
less messy.

Because the tanning solution used during the process is sprayed onto the skin as a fine mist, it is easy to get a smooth, streak-free finish. Choosing  an experienced spray tanning therapist will result in a perfect looking tan with very few, if any, blemishes.

Providing you  exfoliate thoroughly the night before, or morning before your spray tan and follow the tanning preparation, the tan will  last between 5 to 10 days - perfect for those special occasions, or for a healthy glow to take you through the winter! Or just to spoil yourself. Spray tanning is a fantastic spirit lifter, and of course, makes one feel confident with their body, and somehow realise how very sexy you actually are!

UV rays from exposure to the sun and sunbeds play a significant part in the rapid rise in skin cancer.

South Africa has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer and dermatologists are increasingly reporting cases of skin cancer in younger age groups.

It is the healthy way to tan - no damaging effects of the sun ie. no sunburn



Other products available:



Spraytan Exfoliating Body Cream

This creamy exfoliater is designed to soften
and evenly exfoliate your skin. The invigorating
particles smooth and prep your skin for a
flawless looking spraytan application.

Key ingredients:
* Apricot Kernels
* Orange essential oil
* Lemon essential oil


Spraytan Moisturizing Body Cream


The moisturising lotion is designed to moisturise and hold moisture in place after a sunless tan. The formula is designed to evenly provide moisture without any oily or sticky feeling on the skin.

Key ingredients:
* Vitamin A
* Vitamin E









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