Below are pics of some of our satisfied clients




We helped Ashleigh to ARRIVE at the beach all tanned up, and ready to enjoy her holiday!
We used Aviva Labs
Gimme Brown 14% to achieve this just off the beach look - Thank you, Ashleigh, for sharing!




Kyla Gibbs and her very talented mom, Biji, owner of Biji La Maison de Courture

at the recent Miss SA 2019 Pageant - we used a mix of Aviva Labs Gimme Brown on both of the ladies.




The very elegant Kyla Gibbs at her graduation. We sprayed Kyla with a mix of Gimme Brown 

Kylas beautiful dress was designed by her mom who is the owner of Biji La Maison de Couture




Thank you Chiano Sky for allowing us to share your beautiful pic.

We used Aviva Labs 12% on Chiano






Lee relaxing on the beach in Mozambique - We used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 10 for Lee's amazing tan

Thanks for sharing, Lee!





Julie Fowler

Julie Fowler - owner of Vertical Vixen Pole Fitness Studios - we sprayed Julie in celebration of her 10 year annivesary of business

we used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12% on Julie for a beautiful darker result

For more info on fitness classes - call 072 199 3133






Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12 % was used on our sexy client below!

Thank you,  for allowing us to share !




Our client below is very fair and was thrilled at the result of her spray tan. 

 We used  the fairest of all the Aviva Labs solutions - Original 8% - results ...Stunning!






Charle' wearing Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12% - Charle' wanted a dark tan result to show her stunning dress off!





Below is the lovely Lesley who is very fair, so we used Aviva Labs mix of Original and Gimme Brown to get a natural look.





Beautiful Danielle Fisher wearing Aviva Labs

Gimme Brown 12%



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TheWedding Album

Spray your way to a beautiful natural glow for your special day.

Book a trial session a few weeks before your wedding day to try out what shade of tan is best for your skin tone.

Make an appointment with your makeup consultant to allow matching your makeup to your tan

Then a day or two before your wedding day have your final tan, to allow the tan time to settle for  wedding day

Below are a few photos of some of our stunning brides and their beautiful bridesmaids spray tanned for the special day!

Our latest beautiful bride to add to the Wedding album -


Tarryn Augustine

Congratulations Tarryn and hubby

Tarryn wanted a glow on her day - we used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12%




Claire is quite fair, but wanted a natural look for her special day.

We used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 10




Natascha  Nicole  Moore

Natascha wanted a medium to dark tan so we used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12%  - perfect result



Ashleigh Blom


Ashleigh  wanted a darker look to compliment  her gorgeous dress - we used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12

Ashleigh and her beautiful bridesmaids - we used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 10, and 12 on the bridesmaids. (one of the bridesmaids were not tanned by us)




Megan wanted a light glow - Aviva Labs Original 10% was the perfect choice for the occasion!



Olga Vetter




Olga Vetter  - We used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown on Olga for a gorgeous natural looking result





Alicia and Guy






Jill is fair and wanted a natural glow, so we used the Aviva 8% Gimme Brown !



The beautiful Mrs Carin Smith


We used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12 for Carin





Kim looking stunning on her special day!




Nicole  - adding a little glitter to her tan




Taryn & Bridesmaids








Delmarie and Sean's engagement




wanted to  have a very  light natural looking sun kissed look 

The results " perfect and natural"










before and after pic using Gimme Brown 12



 These are the results immediately after the tan. The tan darkens within 6 to 8 hours, and lasts for 5 to 10 days




Naturally beautiful Ashleigh after her shower (to wash the bronzer off) and then showing off her gorgeous body in her stunning bikini!

We used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 14% .




Angelique looking gorgeous in her beautiful bikini at Sun City!

we used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12%  




Ashley wearing Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12% - Beautiful natural looking result!





An example of a BEFORE pic tan with the new Aviva Labs Hollywood City Collection - wash off after 30 - 180 mins! Tan still takes 8 - 10hrs to fully develop. The client was very happy with the 'after' result, the next day!







Photo Shoot for Taryn's portfolio


My tan was amazing! The quality of the colour blew me away. It looked so natural, even the photographers thought is was! The tan worked brilliantly with oil. Looked awesome! - TARYN SIMPSON


Taryn wearing her Aviva Labs HONOLULU EXPRESS tan - express tan means the bronzer can be washed off after 30 - 180 minutes! The tan will still take 8 to 10 hours to fully develop.





Ezilmar celebrating her 30th birthday. She wanted a dark tan to show off her beautiful white dress, Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 14% was used. Perfect results!





Matric Dance fun pics  


Thank you Melody, for allowing us to share your beautiful pics of your special night - You look gorgeous!

We used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 8% for Melodys fair skin.





Beautiful Jessica Sheppard and her handsome partner, all ready for their matric dance night out!

Jessica is very fair, so we used a blend of our fair solutions to give her that not too dark, not too obvious tan, but more of a natural glow!



Suzette and Krishe


Suzette and Krishe enjoying their special night, wearing their beautiful tans by Attagirl!


Donna Leigh

Donna Leigh looking stunning for her matric dance!




Irena wearing Gimme Brown 14% for her pre- posing for the body beautiful event happening 1st and 2nd of Sept 16!! wishing Irena all the best!


USN 2011 Challenge


Aviva Labs 12% Gimme Brown Spray tan for the USN 2011 Challenge






Original Get Fit Challenge #4- JOHANNESBURG



Well done, Tia. Tia came 3rd in this particular challenge!

Tia wanted a very light tan for her 'after' photo, so Aviva Labs 8 % and 10% mix was used.




Some of the tans for the finals held in Dec 13


                                                              3rd place                                                       1st place                                     







contestants need to be a little darker than normal,  for the stage lights


Above: Beautiful sisters, Candice and Kim (the girls with the tape around their legs and arms)





Shownees Jacobs

placing 5th in the Boksburg Classic fitness & body building event held

1 Aug 15

we used Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 12% plus booster drops.




Photoshoot for a fitness website


Lee Niemandt

- Lee is a personal trainer and wanted a darker tan for her photo shoot for her trainer business website - we used Honolulu as the base tan, and then finished off with Aviva Atlas temporary competition bronzer.





The beautiful Taryn Bok ( on the right)

winning 5th place at the Rand Show Extreme bodies -Bikini division event held in  April 2015

Aviva Labs Gimme Brown 14% was used on Taryn as her BASE tan. She then had another coat of bronzer applied on the day by the even organizers.






Skin Type Identification - What skin type are you?

Skin type 1. You have light features and are very sensitive to light. You always burn and cannot tan. Professional tanning salons will not allow you to tan.

Skin type 2. You have light features, are sensitive to light and usually burn. However, you can tan lightly. Developing a tan will be a very gradual process.

Skin type 3. You have a normal sensitivity to light. You do burn on occasion, but you can tan moderately. Developing a tan will be a gradual process.

Skin type 4. Your skin is tolerant of sunlight, so you seldom burn and can tan moderately. You will be able to develop a tan relatively quickly.

Skin type 5. You have naturally dark skin and features. You can develop a dark tan, and you rarely burn. You will be able to develop a tan quickly

Skin type 6. Your skin is black. You rarely sunburn and have an extreme tolerance to sunlight. Tanning will have little to no effect on the color of your



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